6 Content Marketing Trends You’ll want to know in 2019

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6 Content Marketing Trends You’ll want to know in 2019

The way businesses make and distribute content is ever-evolving. While the content was purely text-based a few years ago, video and animated GIF have started gaining popularity in recent times.

As we stand at the verge of 2019, let us have a look at few of the content marketing trends which every digital marketer should pay attention to

  • The increased role of influencers in content marketing: Influencer marketing played a significant role in marketing the business in 2018. The trend is expected to continue in 2019 as well. Whether it is a long-term or short-term relationship with the marketer, both parties are expected to benefit from the same. Try to build a strong relationship with the influencer and have open communication with them. 
  • Video marketing: Video still forms a significant part of the content of the businesses. Apart from showcasing a brand’s product, video helps in developing a personality for the brand. 70% of the customers say that they have shared a brand’s video with their friends. In addition to the recorded video, live video on Facebook and Instagram also continues to play a significant role. The main advantage of using live video is that the audience attributes more trust to a live video than a recorded one. 

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