You may often wonder if you should spend money on Google Ads for cleaning business and if the answer is a yes then why so. Well! Instead of investing in SEO, if you invest it in Google Ads, you will get benefitted in many ways. Among them, there are two amazing reasons we will talk about today. These are as follows:

1. AdWords help you generate leads for your business.

2. Google AdWords is instant and easy to track

Now let’s delve deep into these.

At first, we will look into how to get leads from AdWords that you can’t get any other way.

The positive side of AdWords for cleaning business is that no investment is required to earn money using it. On top of that, you can easily earn money even with your current services. Above all, the biggest thing is that there is no joining fee to join the AdWords Publisher Network and the registration process is not too difficult.

Usually, in an AdWords campaign, it will offer 500-1000 keywords. This allows one to rank high for each page of your cleaning website. This clearly indicates that this way you can initially attract keyword traffic and that you also need a website that contains 100-300 pages with unique content. Another important factor is that the percentage of locally focused searchers is way too less than searchers that don’t focus on location.

Broadly speaking while around 20% of searchers will search “car cleaning” whereas 80% of the searchers will specifically search for “car cleaning service in Boston”. It can be tough for small businesses to rank on the first page of the Google search engine for a non-local specific search depending on the competition.

So, you understand now that with 500 to 1000 keywords it is nearly impossible to rank on the first page and the only fruitful option is to use AdWords for reaching customers.

Now comes the second point which highlights the immense value of AdWords tracking technology.

The highest value of Google stock is AdWords, and in a word, AdWords is what you need to understand for cleaning business! AdWords is not just an advertising platform, it’s a search engine and it’s much more! AdWords is a real puzzle, as well as a powerful tool for creating digital or online advertising, which is truly capable of delivering the desired results for a cleaning service company.

Google’s biggest achievement is that they have made “search” a lucrative crop or product! This means that Google has been able to figure out how to create an effective online advertising campaign and how to run Google Ads for Cleaning Business.

The main idea or basis of AdWords is that you can track the results of the ad! Here you will be introduced to a completely new platform compared to other advertising platforms. Here you can determine how effective your ad will be. If you can earn $20 by spending $10, then this is a good campaign. But if you spend $20 and earn $10, then it is a bad campaign.

The calculation is very simple, but it will depend on the ROI [return on investment] being properly tracked and analyzed as well as taking the right steps. In a word, if Edwards really works, the answer is that in the current context, it works better than expected.

Reports say that AdWords works as a large part of the online marketing laboratory for its clients. Usually, from day one you will get web contacts and you can be a top-ranked website in a few minutes. On the other hand, it takes almost a year to promote your business through SEO. Moreover, where tracking is concerned, it is the cheapest and fastest way to learn more about your company.

An example may help you to understand it better.

Suppose, you want to test a $5 off against a $5 % off offer and you want to know which one works better for your company means which one brings you more clients. With AdWords, you can compare this faster and get a clear picture of your customer’s behavior for each offer you place before them. You will get to discover which one generates more clients for your cleaning service company.

Furthermore, AdWords is able to tell you which words, phrases, and headlines your customers respond to much more quickly and effectively than a landing page experiment. To sum up, it can be said that Google Ads for cleaning business can play a vital role in the cleaning service industry. If cleaning business owners invest their time, money in AdWords instead of SEO, they will get good results by earning more clients than ever on their website. Undoubtedly, so far it has been the most powerful and effective marketing tool ever created for small businesses and it also allows you to understand how to attract more clients and make money.