Marketing tactics don’t often last that long, but neither does showering – therefore, we recommend doing it regularly through Google Adwords. The internet world is a haystack, and your cleaning business is a needle in it craving recognition. We use pin-point Google Analytics SEO strategies to help your potential customers find that needle. The key to Google Marketing Platform is to make your customers feel wise when they choose your cleaning services, and that’s our plan.


Google is growing more than ever, continuously evolving, at a pace where the likes of Usain Bolt only can keep up. Others cannot expect the customers to visit their business website automatically; we need to shovel their way with strategized gravel. You need to fathom that the person looking at the ad has feelings, and addressing those emotions is how our internet marketing service works for your business.

What is Google Marketing?

Let’s stand on our mark of quickly understanding what Digital marketing via Google is, in essence. Google Adword is enabling your business to deliver faster by integrating Double Click digital marketing with Google Analytics 360.

Scope of Google Marketing

If you can’t reach it, you don’t influence it – simple as that. In the age of Digital Marketing, this powerful tool is the Octopus with eight hands that will create the right attention your business deserves.

if you want to advertise your business, the comprehensive tool of cross-channel marketing through Google Ads is the best way to go about it. We at AugusteGlobal excel at delivering results to push organic customers to your Website and ensure conversions.

Google Marketing Prices Cleaning Service
Please Note We will not take on clients spending less than $2000 monthly


Monthly Ad Spend: $4000-$8000
7% spend over $4k1297/Monthly
  • Platforms: Google Ads
  • Landing Pages: Yes $2000 Value
  • Account Access: Admin
  • Monthly Review Calls: Yes
  • Account Restructure: Yes
  • Monthly Reporting: Yes
  • Google Analytics: Yes
  • Conversion & Call Tracking: Yes
  • Display Ads: Yes
  • Local Targeting Strategis: Yes
  • Setup Fee: $1000 waived with 3 Month agreement.