Google Adsense is the most popular advertising medium in the world, through which you can earn money with Google AdWords for Cleaning Services. Survey shows that about 2 million people around the world use AdSense.

Google Adsense

Google AdSense is a Google service that allows advertisers to pay for any ad on the Internet, and publishers can make money online by displaying Google ads on their blog or website, YouTube video.

Simply put, it is an advertising network through which blog and website owners can earn money through advertising. Google Adsense is a medium by which you can earn money online for your cleaning business. Using these means you can apply for Google Adsense and earn money by showing Adsense ads.

If you get an AdSense account through your cleaning website, it is called Hosted Google AdSense Account. Income for this hosted Google AdSense account is paid by the owners of the Google website at 62%. The remaining 32% is left to Google.

Will Google Give You money For Your Cleaning Business?
Yes! Google has another service called Google AdWords. Through Google AdWords, Google takes money from various websites or organizations to promote their websites or organizations. Then, through the AdSense service, Google displays advertisements for paid websites or organizations on various websites or blogs.
How To Know If Your Site Is Useful For Adsense?
Before applying for Google Adsense, you need to have a good website for your cleaning services site with custom domain names, privacy policy, terms and conditions, about us and contact us pages and 10-16 articles of good quality. If these topics are on your blog or news site, then your site is useful to apply to Google Adsense.
How Much Google AdWords Pay For Cleaning Services?
The amount of AdSense money depends on the visitors to the blog. If you have a lot of visitors then you can earn a good income otherwise you can’t. Google will display ads on your site, that is, links to other websites. Now your blog visitors will only get paid if they click on that link and go to the advertiser’s website.

Google AdSense Requirements

Your cleaning website must be at least 1-6 months old. The exception maybe if your website category is single, then you can arrange it beautifully in one month.

Your website should have a minimum of 10-18 unique posts. It must match the category of your website.

All posts/articles on your website must be unique. Cannot be copied from anywhere.

If you have ads from any other network on your site, suspend them before applying for AdSense. Google generally prefers fresh websites.

Keep the home page/landing page simple. Set site loading time to 3 seconds. Because Google doesn’t like slow sites. Test your site speed.

Put the AdSense code on your site properly.

Google usually takes 8-10 days to review the site if you have applied for AdSense in all conditions.

What You Need To Know After Getting AdSense Approved

Once you get the approval, you need to know about the followings:

CPC - Cost Per Click
The best way to earn money from Google Adsense is CPC. This means that every time a visitor to your cleaning service website clicks on your ad, you get paid. So this is not, you can click on your own ad. Publishers are strictly forbidden to click on their own ads. Google is smarter than all of us. Do not click on the ad with relatives. Google will cancel your account if you get it caught.
CTR- Click Through Rate
Generally, it is better to have a CTR of 2-5%. If you can sort articles with more CPC keywords, you can make a very good income with a CTR of 2-5%. If the CTR exceeds 15%, your account will be canceled. Google thinks 2-5% CTR is the standard. This means that the publisher is clicking on the ad in various ways which is outside the policy of Google.
CPM- Cost Per Impression
Visitors view your ad as many times as possible. Google will pay you for every one thousand views.
PPC- Pay Per Click follows
YOu can Google this method on the advertiser. This means that the amount of PPC income you can get from the Google advertiser per click on the ads that Google will place on your website. Income depends on your article writing and website promotion. The more visitors you get to your site, the higher your CPM will be. And if CPM increases, CTR will continue to increase.

Some Bonus Tips Are:

Always note the CTR. Log in to your AdSense account at least once a day to see if your CTR is okay.

Use Google Analytics to get CTR and visitor details. Google Analytics is a very powerful tool for site owners.

The last thing is that to earn from Google Adsense, you must have a website and you can get AdSense by fulfilling the above conditions for your cleaning service business and that’s how Google Adsense for cleaning services works.