How Does Google Ads Work For Cleaning Businesses

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Google Ads is one of the biggest marketing channels on the internet. It allows you to bid to show your ads when a potential customer searches for specific keywords. Sadly, a lot of cleaning business owners (especially those operating locally) assume that Google Ads for cleaning companies only work for companies operating in large areas, such as entire states or even nationally.

You can use Google Ads for your cleaning business even if you are operating locally. You can set up your ads to target only people that are looking for a cleaning business in your area of operations. Being able to further refine your target market will allow you to sign new customers quite easily when compared to simply running a general ad.

Let’s look at how Google Ads may be beneficial for your cleaning business.

You Only Reach Your Potential Customers

This is by far the biggest advantage of Google Ads. If you run a TV or Radio advertisement, chances are that a lot of people that see your ad will not need your services. They may already have a cleaning firm, or they may not feel the need to hire one.

However, Google Ads for cleaning businesses allow you to bid for specific keywords. For example, if you operate in Massachusetts, you can make sure that your ad only appears when someone searches for ‘Cleaning company in Massachusetts’.

You also have the choice to have the same ad appear for multiple keywords.

You do Not Waste Money

On a similar note, you only spend money when someone takes a look at your ad. You can bid for specific keywords, and you will pay only when you have the winning bid.

If your ad is not showing, you will be able to see it. This will tell you that a competitor is regularly outbidding you and you need to spend more money for your ad to show. Conversely, you may also be able to decrease your bid if you find that you are not competing with anyone for the keywords.

You Get A lot of Data

When using Google Ads, you will automatically get access to a lot of data about your ads. You will be able to see what converts and what doesn’t. Similarly, Google Ads will also allow you to perform better SEO on your website.

If you notice that a certain keyword leads to a lot more clicks, you can increase your budget for that keyword and reduce for the ones that are not working.


With using Google Ads for your cleaning company, you may notice certain trends. For example, it could be that most of your phone calls (or online appointment bookings) come during certain days of the week. With cleaning businesses, people may usually only search for them during the weekend.

Using this information, you will be able to optimize your Google Ads campaign. You could spend less money on ads during the week, and more during the weekend.

Similarly, it is also possible to stop your campaign whenever you want. You do not need to have any renegotiated contracts that must be honored (like you would on the Yellow Pages). Going out on a holiday? Simply turn off your ads and resume them when you return!

3 Most Common Google Ads Mistakes That Cleaning Business Owners Make

Sadly, while Google Ads is a great tool for your cleaning business, it is not as simple as it seems. Here are the three most common mistakes I see cleaning company owners make:

  • Thinking they understand Google Ads and running advanced campaigns without having the expertise. This leads to poor performance, thus making business owners stop their campaigns.
  • Not having an ad that speaks to the consumer. Just because your target customers can easily see your ads doesn’t mean you don’t need to have compelling ad copy. Hiring a professional copywriter may be a good idea.
  • Not spending enough. For your campaign to reach critical mass, you should be spending at least a significant amount of money. ‘Dipping your feet’ to test the platform is not a viable method of using Google Ads.

Apart from this, you should also look at other Google Ads mistakes that are common in all businesses. This will help you make sure that you do not waste your money.

You Can Also Hire a Google Ads Specialist

If you feel like you do not want to go through the hassle of learning Google Ads but still want your cleaning business to have a significant online presence, you can delegate your online marketing to a specialist firm.

Auguste Global provides ‘Marketing for Winners!’ and can take over your online marketing for results that are bound to impress you. Its Google Marketing Program is perfect for anyone who wants to increase their sales through Google Ads.

If you are looking to delegate the entire marketing arm of your cleaning business, then you may want to look at Rocket Fuel instead. Under this program, you can forget about generating leads and converting customers, as that will be done for you. Instead, you can focus on providing great service and making sure that your one-time customers come back again and again.

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