How Facebook Marketing Will Change in 2021

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Facebook is continuously changing the way it delivers ads and helps businesses market themselves to customers. This can make staying on top of the latest trends quite difficult. Sometimes, Facebook may even make changes without announcing them, leaving businesses clueless as to what they should do.

Thankfully, we are aware of some of the major changes that will affect how you market your business on Facebook in 2021. Here are all of the key developments that you need to know before devising or altering your Facebook marketing strategy:

The iOS 14 Change Will Cause Unpredictability

Apple’s new operating system update for its iPhones and iPads makes a lot of changes to the way it handles user data and privacy. While you can read about all the changes and new features on Apple’s website, there is only one key change that can significantly impact your Facebook marketing campaign.

People on iOS have 14 have the ability to opt-out of letting apps access their advertising identifier. The advertising identifier is what is used by apps such as Facebook and Instagram to provide relevant ads to users.

If the app is unable to access the identifier, then it will have no choice but to show the user random ads, many of which will be outside the user’s domain of interest.

Facebook does account for this a little bit, by letting you know in some statistics how much data is unaccounted for due to iOS 14. However, this is a new unfortunate reality for businesses that they have to deal with.

Groups Will be Important

Facebook groups will become more important in 2021. The company has been working throughout 2019 and 2020 to redesign the way groups work and even switched to an algorithm-based feed for groups.

Chances are that you will see Facebook group ads and a lot more ways through which you can reach out to people in groups.

We recently discussed how important it is to have a Facebook group for your cleaning business (link to article). You should also be looking at options to advertise in groups where locals may be looking for the services that you offer.

Video Content Will be Key

Even as far back as 2016, Mark Zuckerberg proclaimed that Facebook could be a platform mostly consisting of videos in 2020. He was partially right, as videos are becoming more and more important every single day.

A large percentage of the content viewed on the platform is currently in video format. More importantly, ads in video format seem to massively outperform the still images or text ads.

This is not surprising, as people are more likely to look at video ads for longer periods. Just remember that around 85% of Facebook users prefer to watch videos with the sound turned off. As such, make sure that you make a video that does not need sound to get your message across. Subtitles or words to get the message across are good ideas.

There Will be Additional Ad Formats

One thing that Facebook has always done throughout the years is provide advertisers with new ways to display their products and services. Despite having a lot of ways that allow advertisers to get their message out, it is more than probable that there will be other, even better ways in 2021.

What those ways will be? We don’t know yet. However, it is best to stay up to date on all the major changes that Facebook introduces. This way, you can get a head start and make sure that you already have conversions going before the competition even catches up with you.

How to Best Prepare for 2021?

2021 will be a fairly turbulent year when it comes to Facebook marketing. The major changes bought to Apple devices may be replicated by some of the other manufacturers as well. This would make it very difficult for advertisers to make sure that their ads are only seen by their target demographic.

Apart from this, the methods of advertising will also take a dramatic shift. Most people know by now how important it is to have video, and you will need to use all of the new ad formats too if you want to stay competitive.

Consider Hiring a Professional Marketing Service

If all of this seems too overwhelming, then it may be best for you to hire a cleaning service marketing organization.

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