How Long Does it Take for SEO to Work?

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SEO is quite complicated. There are two reasons for this. The first one is that there is no single way through which you can increase your cleaning business’ rank. You must experiment and make changes for your SEO campaign to work.

The second is that it takes time for SEO campaigns to come into effect. Only when you start to see changes in your rank will you know how effective your SEO was. Only then will you be able to further refine your strategy and home in on what your cleaning business requires next.

Today, we will look at two things. The first will be how long should your initial SEO campaign be. The second will be the time it takes for the campaign to show results, and what you should do once the results become apparent.

How Long Does an SEO Campaign Take?

The amount of time that you need to spend depends on how large your website is. What’s important is that you go through the process properly and thoroughly rather than try to save time. Roughly, the process of each website is the same. It usually involves keyword research, a website audit, development of strategy, and execution (broadly speaking).

While you may be adept at performing on-page SEO yourself, off-page and technical SEO may be much more important for your website, especially if you have a website that has been up for a few years. Technical SEO is probably one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of SEO for the average person. As such, it might be better to hire a professional SEO firm if you can afford it.

A Professional SEO Firm Can Save Your Time

A professional SEO firm can also save you a lot of time by having a dedicated team that has done the same thing hundreds of times before. Proper SEO requires detailed attention to almost every single page on the website. It might simply be too difficult for you as a cleaning business owner to both manage your cleaning company and optimize its website.

For a professional organization, the initial changes to your website should not take more than a few days. However, SEO is a continuous process that requires you to make changes based on the data gathered. As such, those who can afford it may be better off hiring someone to continuously monitor and manage the SEO of their website.

Obviously, you do not need someone full-time. Instead, simply hire someone on an hourly basis to assess your website for a few hours every month and suggest necessary changes to further optimize it for Google. There are organizations that offer this service for a cheap price themselves.

When do SEO Campaigns Begin to Show Results?

The time it takes for a website to significantly improve its rank has been debated by SEO professionals ever since the beginning. In the end, the answer that they have cumulatively arrived to is: “It varies.”

In general, most analysts agree that it takes between 3-6 months for there to be noticeable changes to your rank after overhauling your website and optimizing it for Google. For a cleaning business operating locally, you might be able to see results sooner due to there being fewer competing cleaning businesses trying to rank for similar keywords.

SEO Results Are Based on Growth

One important aspect of SEO that you must remember is that your results compound over time. What this means is that unless you manage to screw up in a massive way, your website’s ranking within Google should be on a path of continuous improvement.

It is best to think of SEO as an investment. It will not make you rich overnight, but it will yield amazing results if done conservatively and consistently over the long-term. However, do remember that the growth will begin to stagnate over time.

At that point, it will be more important to maintain results rather than try to further improve them. This is because the marginal cost for improving the results will be much greater than before at this point, and your money can be better spent on other things.

Time is an Important Factor

Sadly, while it is possible for you to speed up your rise through the ranks of Google with good optimization, uptime is something that will still significantly impact your cleaning business.

Simply put, the time that your domain has been up for will have a direct impact on the authority that it commands in Google search results. Ahrefs has done a detailed study that shows how on average, pages that have been up for longer seem to rank much higher in Google.

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