How my business went from closing to 365% growth in one year, and you can too!

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Like every entrepreneur I started my business with extreme optimism. I had this nostalgic idea that when I built it, they would come flocking in from the north, south, east and west.

I had spent 4 years in a vocational school studying marketing so I was solid or so I thought. The first month in business we brought in a whopping $1,200 dollars, month 2 was $600… at this point I started to sweat and racked my little brain for marketing ideas. 10,000 mailers and $3,500 later we started to feel some traction hitting $3,000, and $6,000 monthly. Now you’re probably thinking that’s great marketing, $3,500 spent now $6,000 in monthly revenue, sign me up for that marketing plan! Well there lies the problem my friends. It would be acceptable if this was all profit. I had credit cards to pay for company vehicles, insurance and the list goes on.

My dream was to build a million dollar company (rapidly) so this growth just wouldn’t do. Over the course of a couple years I would go through marketing agencies after marketing agencies, so called SEO and Marketing gurus/ experts who always said they were different from that last. (The problem with these guys were that they didn’t have any business experience aside from watching a YouTube video and slapping a marketing expert name on themselves and opening up the next day.) After thousands of dollars (I mean a crap ton from my credit card) inability to think from the stress I decided to figure this stuff out.

I found a mentor who helped me address two key issues: my hiring and my attrition rate. Things started flowing in the right direction. I gave one more so called social media expert another chance, but after month 3 of not having a single lead and paying a $1,200 setup fee and $600 a month I knew I was the sucker.

I immediately ceased doing anything that didn’t involve marketing, sales and dedicated myself to decoding this social media marketing thing. What happened over the next 6 months was an incredible journey that took me to LA to meet with top industry heads! I mean the guys running ads for brands that are instantly recognizable just from the logos. The ones spending 10s of millions a day to test concepts of what works and doesn’t.

I found mentors, read books, and joined mastermind groups. In 6 months time I devoted countless hours to learning testing and refining everything I had learned. Fast forward past the thousands (I refuse to admit how much) spent on education, not to include my hands on education of spending 32k on google PPC, and we find ourselves at the present day.

Today with the skills I learned I’ve been able to turn my business into a cash flow machine that runs with little interference from me and continues to expand daily. The only issue we have is that we can’t hire fast enough for the demand.

We went from 11k monthly when I started this journey to the 40 thousands and growing EVERY DAY.  Yes not quite the million dollar machine yet however at 20% profit and 10hrs a week I would say it’s a pretty good living, wouldn’t you agree? Oh, and we’re on track to hit that million dollar number in 14 months ($83,333.33 monthly).

Growing my business has given me the ability to pay off my debt, travel with my family, expand into other ventures and much more.

What I’ve learned along my journey is that there are NO MARKETING experts out there. And the ones who call themselves experts should be considered dangerous. If you’re an expert then the implication is that you know everything on the subject. Therefore you refuse to learn and in turn grow in a rapidly changing industry.

With all the extra time on my hand I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to help business owners, like you who are in the position I was in. Those that just don’t have 6 months to a year to put towards learning this ever changing industry in order to fix their business.

My passion is building and growing businesses and there are no better ways to do it today aside from digital media marketing, testing testing testing, while staying ahead of changes.

Unfortunately, my time is limited and the screening to work with us is thorough but I am always happy to give advice to any business owner at anytime. Even those in my field because there is no shortage of customers.

If you’re interested in learning how you can win in your field, I offer a free strategy call. The times are limited so be sure to book soon! Hold on to your seats because this stuff is rocket fuel for Winners!

Click below and let me know your interested!

And remember there is no way you can hang around enough Winners and be a loser!

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