How to Set up a Cleaning Company Website That Actually Gets Cleaning Customers

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Your website is the main tool when it comes to converting cleaning business leads to sales. It is almost certain that anyone who is looking to hire you online will look at your website before they make the final decision. Unfortunately, a lot of cleaning businesses fail to set up websites that are designed to convert.

Your cleaning website design reflects your organization. It needs to be set up to make it as easy as possible for potential clients to set an appointment. Whether it’s landing pages or your testimonials, your website should be aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and full of useful information.

Let’s start by looking at the most basic element of your website: the design.

Cleaning Service Web Design Tips

If you are a professional organization, your website should never use a template for its design. Custom websites for cleaning businesses are a little expensive, but they are worth it. If you are working with a reputable developer/marketing, your cleaning website design will be suited to your goals.

Here are a few general tips for designing your cleaning service’s website:

  • Have all the main information, including the process of making an appointment on the home page.
  • Make your website easy to navigate. Remember that a large percentage of your potential clients may not be tech-savvy. Using large menus with bold letters, for example, will make the website much easier to navigate.
  • Incorporate a chat-bot that can answer basic queries. Also, make it easy for visitors to ask specific questions that you or a representative can answer.
  • Keep off-page SEO in mind. For example, make sure that your website loads quickly and has proper structure to it.
  • Make sure your cleaning website design contains simple colors that make the text easy to read. You are not selling video games, and you don’t need hundreds of flashing banners to make your service appealing.

Use Multiple Methods to Convey Information

Remember that every single visitor to your website is unique. As such, they may prefer to consume content differently. Some people may prefer to read, while others may want to watch a video that explains everything to them.

You should have multiple ways to convey what you want to tell your visitors. Of course, making professional videos is not easy on the budget. However, if you want to stand out from the already crowded cleaning industry, you must appear authoritative and professional.

If you are willing to bear the expenses of a proper online marketing campaign, your professionally built website will pay for itself many times over. Always prioritize quality over quantity and have as many modes of communication as possible.

Help Your Potential Customers

It is not enough to just say that you want to help your customers, you need to show it. Having a blog that provides basic cleaning tips can go a long way. If your customers can see that you want to help them in every way possible, they will be more likely to hire you.

What’s more, having resources on your website that are helpful can allow you to run a content marketing campaign. Content marketing is perhaps the most budget-friendly long-term strategy to generate new leads.

For example, it is much more likely for someone to search ‘How to clean my toilet properly’ than to search for ‘cleaning company in x area’. However, if your cleaning website design incorporates a blog and has a guide for toilet cleaning, the reader may be tempted to hire you once he/she realizes the benefits of using a professional cleaner.

Should I Design my Cleaning Website Myself?

Unless you are an experienced web developer with numerous projects under your belt, cleaning service web design should be left to professionals.

A cheap option is to get a developer to build a custom website for your cleaning business. However, unless that developer is experienced in cleaning website design, they may not be right for you. See, they may know how to code websites, but they won’t know how to design a website that caters to your target demographic.

A better option is to go for an experienced marketing organization that specifically caters to cleaning services.

Auguste Global Can Help With Your Cleaning Service Website

Auguste Global is an experienced marketing organization that can help you with all your marketing needs. We deal exclusively with cleaning businesses, which allows us to have an edge in this niche of the marketing industry.

Whether you need a custom website for your cleaning business or an organization to take over your entire marketing, Auguste Global can provide you with the required service.

Apart from this, Auguste Global can also help you solve problems that you may be having with online marketing. For example, if your social media ads are doing great but you are having trouble advertising on Google, hiring Auguste Global to take over your google marketing could help drive growth to your website.

Once your website gets visitors, conversion should not be extremely difficult if your website is set up to encourage people to contact you.

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