How to Setup the Right Kind of Online Presence for Your Business

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Many business owners know how to set up a great website, social media presence, and marketing methods. However, most of them fail to develop a cohesive strategy that integrates their entire online presence.

The aim of your marketing strategy should be to constantly convince the customer that you are the right organization for their home. Not only should you look professional and trusting, but you should always be reminding the customer to contact you and avail your services. With that in mind, here is how you can set up the right kind of online presence for your business.

The Primary Job of Your Website is to Convert

Your website is the most important part of your online presence, as it is primarily responsible for converting your leads into sales. Almost all of your marketing campaigns will try to lead back to your website. As such, make sure that your website has a striking copy that encourages potential clients to contact you.

While you can make a decent website on your own using portals such as Wix, sales copy is something that is better left to the professionals. They usually know how to optimize it and get the most out of it.

Of course, you should be trying to get the maximum number of clicks on your website organically through SEO as well.

Use Social Media For the Right Purpose

While you should be using social media, you should first understand which platforms to use and how to use them. Using Snapchat if you are a business is not a good idea, as most of your client base (people above 30 with their own homes) do not make use of it. Facebook, on the other hand, is perfect.

Here is how to get the maximum out of social media for your business:

  • Facebook: Have a business page and consider this your main form of advertising (along with Google ads). Post photos, videos, promotions, and everything important on it.
  • Twitter/Instagram: While ideal for businesses targeting younger people, they should only be used as a secondary form of interacting with your customers. Running ads on these platforms is not recommended.
  • LinkedIn: This is the best way for you to hire new employees and spread awareness about your brand. However, it is not customer-focused. As such, as long as you have other means for hiring employees, you can completely avoid it as well.

Email Marketing Costs Nothing, But Can Be Very Beneficial

Along with directing traffic to your website, your other goal should be to have as many email addresses of potential clients as possible.

This is because sending out emails is one of the easiest ways to remind your customers that you exist, and you are ready to serve them.

Just remember to not overdo your email marketing. It is already an extremely saturated channel and sending constant emails will just seem like you are spamming them. Try to stick to promotions and maybe the occasional newsletter.

Also, while you can purchase email lists that specifically target your potential client base, you should only do that if you can easily afford them. Email marketing works best if the reader has prior knowledge of your business. Otherwise, it is more than likely that the mail will be flagged for spam and your entire campaign will not be as effective as it could be.

Focus on Reviews

Focusing on reviews involves 2 main tasks. The first one is to encourage your clients to review your services. This will not only help you build your brand if the review is positive but also tell you where there is room for improvement in case of a negative review.

Since most people will look at your reviews before they hire you, having as many as possible is a huge benefit.

On top of that, it is also important that you try to reach out toward negative reviewers and see what their complaint is. Unless it’s an internet troll or a nefarious scheme by one of your competitors, you should be able to address whatever it is that bothered your client. This way, you can turn a negative review into a positive one.

If All of This Seems Too Much, Delegate to a Professional

Thankfully, you do not have to handle your online presence yourself. You can hire a professional organization that can guarantee a cohesive strategy and save you valuable time.

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Also, having to focus on the marketing aspect of your business may leave you with no time for anything else.

Auguste Global exclusively serves businesses. This has allowed us to develop expertise that lets us harness the full potential of your brand and your skills.

We offer everything from website development to a completely unique marketing strategy. Depending on your needs, your goals, and your budget, it is possible for you to delegate exactly as much as you want to us. Contact us now for a consultation!

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