Rocket fuel

Imagine never having to worry about the marketing aspect of your cleaning business.

Whether it’s about your marketing budget or deciding where to target your ads, with Rocket Fuel, you can kiss all the worries of marketing your cleaning business goodbye!

Rocket Fuel is our acclaimed hands-off package that has always been loved by our customers. Now, you can take your marketing to the next level with our brand-new Rocket Fuel marketing department.

Cleaning business owners who are serious about growth will find Rocket Fuel to be their favorite companion in theiradventure. With Rocket Fuel, we are the ones who handle everything from content creation, social media marketing, and SEO to the complete management of your online footprint.

It is impossible to function if your marketing department is a maze of people working on different aspects of your strategy and barely communicating with one another. You can think of Rocket Fuel as a well-oiled machine that syncs and synergizes with the operations part of your business to deliver consistent results.

A perfect example of this is your ideal client, let’s call her Ann, visits your website through an Ad she saw. She tips well, doesn’t complain, and would be the perfect long-term partner for your cleaning business. However, before Ann signs up, she decides to look at some of your competitors. Of course, like most people, she forgets to come back.

In normal circumstances, she’s almost certainly gone for good. Thankfully, you have Rocket Fuel. Rocket Fuel will deposit a ‘virtual cookie’ in her pockets, making sure she remembers you when she rummages through them for her keys!

Later that night, Ann may be casually browsing Facebook, and what does she see? A professionally shot video of your business created with our help. The video is concise, informative, and gets her to formally enquire about your services.

This is just one of the ways Rocket Fuel does its magic for your cleaning company. Just imagine the long-term benefits of having ten Anns visiting your website every day and being able to get just one of them as your client. The impact on your bottom line would be immense, to say the least.

What TheRocket Fuel Marketing Department Offers:

Who is This For?

Rocket Fuel is for the serious business owner.One who wants to dominate and take their company to the next level.

With an investment like this, you should make sure that you have a strong foundation before you spring for Rocket Fuel. Those struggling to keep team members should obviously not invest in Rocket Fuel. The program is built to keep the phone ringing. It is important that you have someone there to answer it!


Investment Price

(Not including ad Spend)


Setup fee

(Setup fee is waived if you prepay for 6 months)