Site Structure: The Secret to Successful SEO

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When it comes to SEO for companies, most experts tend to focus on on-page SEO with a little bit of off-page SEO thrown into the mix. The main focus is on keyword research, elimination of duplicate content, and making sure that there are no empty pages on the website (among a few other things).

However, the appropriate site structure can make it a lot easier for your website to rank on Google. What’s more, the site structure is very easy to set up. Even if you have a complete website for your business, it will not take you long to organize each of the pages into a structure that will help with your SEO.

What is the Correct Site Structure?

Regardless of which niche or industry you operate in, the correct site structure for your website will roughly always be the same.

Home Page:

At the head of your website should be the Home Page. We have previously outlined how to set up a website and perform SEO for services. The importance of SEO should never be underestimated, as it will not cost you a lot of money but bring in customers indefinitely. The best thing about SEO is that the longer you optimize your website for Google search, the better your results will be.

Major Categories:

After your home page, there should be all of the major categories that your website will require. As a business, it is ideal for you to have one category for your testimonials, one for your blog, one for all of the areas that you serve, and one for availing your services. Feel free to add other categories to this list as you see fit.

Content Pages:

For larger websites, the correct structure is to have sub-categories. However, as a business, you will not have a lot of pages on your website. As such, you should move directly towards the content pages in your site structure.

Remember for websites that have been operating and posting content on their blog for years, it might be better to have subcategories for your blog. You could categorize your blog posts based on what they address. Some examples would be: Bedroom, Bathroom, Organization, Equipment, etc.


In summation, the ideal site structure for your business if you want to optimize your site for SEO should be:

  • Home Page
  • Categories
  • Content and Individual Pages

Make sure that every single page on your website falls under the relevant category, and no pages are floating about randomly (as this will almost surely hurt your search ranking).

Why Having the Correct Site Structure is Important?

The biggest advantage of having the right site structure is that it is easier for the Google algorithms to understand your website. It will automatically be able to see which page is a child of which one, and Google will be better able to tell what your website is about.

The second reason having the right site structure is important for a business’ SEO is that it will make sure that it is easier for you to make changes to your website. You will immediately be able to locate pages that need to be changed or removed, and each new page will have the right place where it could fit in.

The right site structure will also ensure that Google knows which pages are important on your website. It will be able to identify the hierarchy that your site utilizes. As such, your pages will not be competing with themselves. Chances are that if you have a website, a lot of content on various pages is similar. Using the correct structure will allow you to tell Google which pages are more important.

Lastly, one major advantage of having structure to your site is that it will make navigation very easy for your customers. Having all the similar pages grouped under a single section will make it much easier for a potential customer to find out more about your business. For example, you could have each specific page that deals with a particular location grouped under the section of ‘Areas We Serve’. This will make it extremely easy for anyone to know which areas you operate in and whether or not they can avail of your services!

Consider Hiring the Best SEO Company in Boston

While setting up the correct structure for your website is not difficult, the rest of SEO can be very hard. There are hundreds of things that you need to take into account when trying to optimize your website for Google. As such, it is almost always better to let the professionals take it over.

SEO services are not as expensive as you might think, and are almost always worth their price. We have mentioned this numerous times on our blog: When it comes to cost per customer acquisition, there is no better marketing method than SEO. While the results can take a bit of time, they are always worth it.

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