Tips on How to Market Your Cleaning Business

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When it comes to marketing your cleaning business, many cleaning companies fail to understand that simply doing the basics isn’t enough. While having a strong marketing foundation is important, any great cleaning company is bound to have it. In order to stand out from all the great companies, you need to go the extra mile.

This means that you must combine your online presence with a strong offline campaign. Marketing is a dynamic field, and what you need to do will vary based on your location as well as your target customers. Still, here are a few tips that you can use to get started!

Build a Professional Image

One thing you can always benefit from is looking like a robust and modern organization. Regardless of how big or small your cleaning company is, just a few dollars a month can make a huge difference in how your cleaning company is perceived by your target customers.

For example, many people underestimate the power of having a professionally designed logo for their cleaning business. Not only does it help with branding your organization, but it can also be used to grab attention quickly in your ad campaigns (people are much more attracted to pictures than words).

Apart from this, other things you can do include having a company landline, address, official e-mail (with your own domain), and proper uniforms for your employees.

Having a professional outlook for your clients is even more important if you are serving businesses instead of individuals. While individuals may be willing to let your poorly made logo and dilapidated uniforms slide, business managers will almost certainly take note of this.

Incentivize the ‘Word of Mouth’

Since most cleaning businesses operate within a certain area, incentivizing your existing customers to get new customers is the best way to expand.

Of course, doing a great job once hired will naturally incline your clients to refer you to people they know. However, you can swing the odds in your favor if you begin a referral program. As long as you have a website that allows clients to book your services through it, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Simply reward existing clients (as well as new clients) with a small discount when you get people to order your services through a referral link. While this may decrease your profit margins in the short-term, the additional business that you gain should more than compensate for it.

Utilize Your Vehicle

If you are running a cleaning company, chances are that you have a van or a large transport vehicle. What you can do is utilize this vehicle to market your business as your employees or you move around town.

You do not need anything flashy. As long as you advertise clearly what your services are (e.g. home cleaning or office cleaning) and you have a contact number that is visible (and easy to remember), you should see a noticeable increase in sales. In fact, it is best to think of your van as a mobile billboard.

This is because people often do what others around them are doing. If a business notices their competitor utilizing your services, they may be inclined to do the same. Or, those living in the neighborhood of one of your clients that see your van regularly may ask your client to see whether your services were satisfactory and then hire you.

Another similar strategy for home cleaners is to pass flyers to the nearest 5 or 10 houses wherever your company is hired. This takes little time and effort but could have serious long-term advantages.

Offer Practical Help Through a Blog

Having a blog that not only advertises your services but also offers DIY cleaning tips is a great way to build a connection with your clients.

What’s even better is that you can then use your blog as a part of your digital marketing campaign. You can advertise to potential customers who are already browsing your website or Facebook page using your blog, where they may be tempted to hire your cleaning company if the content is good enough.

Of course, the basis of all this is good content. Make sure your blog offers valuable insights to the world of cleaning and is an easy to read yet informative portal.

Utilize Organic Marketing

Organic marketing is great as it shows great long-term results for very little cost. Organic marketing involves everything from Search Engine Optimization to building a brand. In fact, even providing great service and ensuring customer satisfaction can be considered organic marketing.

There are hundreds of little decisions that you can make as an owner of a cleaning business that will impact the revenue you generate in the future. Going out of your way to help a client could yield huge results through word of mouth, as could a website that is optimized enough that it manages to pull in thousands of new viewers every day simply through Google.


The aforementioned tips should go a long way towards helping you achieve growth for your cleaning company. These tips are designed so as to increase your performance gradually but surely. While they may not help you get an immediate jump in revenue, they will definitely be of great value to those that are in the cleaning business for the long haul!

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