Why Content Marketing is Important For Your Cleaning Business?

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Most cleaning business owners, regardless of age, gender, and anything else, understand the importance of social media marketing. However, I notice that more and more people are unaware of how effective content marketing can be. In fact, for the long-term, content marketing is the most cost-efficient solution to increase your sales.

Here, we will be taking a look at what exactly is content marketing. After that, we will look at some of the easiest ways through which you can implement content marketing into your marketing strategy. Lastly, we will look at why it is so important!

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that tells people of your brand or services. However, as opposed to ads, its first objective is to inform or entertain the target customer. The secondary objective is to let them know about your cleaning company.

This may seem counterintuitive at first. However, customers tend to go for the company that serves them well. If your website/YouTube channel/Facebook Page is providing informative insights and helpful tips that can help them in their daily lives, customers will probably prefer your company.

Easiest Ways to Implement Content Marketing

There are three easy ways through which you can implement content marketing into your cleaning business’ strategy.

  • A Blog
  • Vlogs and Other Videos
  • A Podcast

Out of these, a blog is the easiest, most cost-effective method. In fact, the importance of a blog for your cleaning business cannot be overstated. There is a reason why even companies that have worldwide recognition such as Adobe and Amazon have a blog.

Vlogs and videos about your business or in the same genre (for example, videos that contain cleaning tips) are a great way to build a brand. However, this is a costly endeavor. In fact, those who want to shoot professional videos will need thousands of dollars in equipment, and probably need to hire professional videographers. As such, it may be better to hire a professional service. For example, you can use Rocket Fuel by Auguste Global, which is a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs.

Lastly, podcasts can be a good choice in certain industries. Cleaning is not one of them though. I mean, who is going to sit back and enjoy listening to thirty minutes of the latest developments in the cleaning industry, right? Still, podcasts can be a great way to content market in certain industries.

The Importance of Content Marketing

Now that you know the methods of content marketing, let’s take a look at why you should pursue content marketing strategies.

Content Marketing Increases Customer Retention

We have already mentioned how important it is to have a website. However, people will probably only visit your cleaning business website if they stumble upon you through your marketing, through searching, or if they are a repeat customer and want to rehire you.

Content marketing changes this. Now, customers have a reason to come back to your page to see if there is something that could help them. As a cleaning business, it could be a good idea to provide basic cleaning tips. Or, you could mention the advantages of your service over your competitors.

Generally, you should post about current topics. For example, you could write/record tips that relate to COVID-19 at the time of writing. This way, viewers will know they can count on useful information from you.

Content Market Builds Authority For Your Business

Content marketing helps your business build authority in two ways. First, it directly helps you establish your cleaning business as a credible and legitimate organization. If your potential customers know that they can come to your website or Facebook page for credible information, they are much more likely to hire you.

Content marketing also helps you build authority with search engines. You should already know how important SEO is to your business. With SEO-focused content, your website can rank higher on Google search. This way, more customers are likely to find your business.

Eventually, content marketing can help you establish yourself as a household cleaning brand in your area of operations!

Content Marketing Saves You Money

Most cleaning business owners are aware of the exorbitant costs of ad campaigns. Luckily, this is money that can be saved. Content marketing can help you generate leads and close new customers at a fraction of the cost.

Just to be clear, the total positive effect of a successful ad campaign will in most cases be greater than even the most aggressive content marketing campaign. However, the cost required to sign a single customer will be much lower through content marketing.

Also, remember that the effects of an ad campaign are visible almost immediately. A content marketing campaign could take a few months to show its full effects.


Content marketing should never be ignored by any cleaning business owner. Especially if you have just started out and are looking for cheap ways to generate new leads.

Even experienced businesses can increase their market share with a correctly focused content marketing campaign. The fact that you can build a reputation, sign new customers, and help people at the same time should be enough to convince you that you need to utilize content marketing right now!

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