Why Your Business Needs SEO in a COVID-19 World?

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COVID-19 has changed the way the entire world behaves. Not only have businesses been affected in terms of their bottom-line, but they have also had to rethink their entire marketing strategy. With consumers spending more time at their home than ever before, billboards and flyers are even less effective than they were before the pandemic.

Right now, Search Engine Optimization is one of the most cost-efficient ways through which your business could reach out to new customers. Here, we will be looking at a few reasons why you should prioritize SEO during the pandemic.

Let’s start by thinking about the financial aspect.

SEO is Budget-Friendly

Marketing is not cheap. Even a small local campaign can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. With the pandemic in full swing and refusing to let up anytime soon, your business could be more strapped for cash now than ever before.

Thankfully, SEO does not cost a lot of money relative to other marketing methods. If your ambitions are local, a few thousand dollars would be all you need to run an effective campaign.

Even if your business targets customers nationally or internationally, the cost of an SEO campaign will be much smaller compared to other methods.

SEO Targets People at Home

As said previously, the number of people staying home currently is greater than it has ever been in modern times. As such, a higher number of people are using the internet to look for products and services than ever before.

An SEO campaign targets this very customer. Your campaign will allow you to organically drag in more traffic. For example, someone looking to clean their kitchen may go to Google and type: ‘How to properly clean a kitchen’.

If your business is home cleaning and you have a guide specifically prepared for this, there is a decent chance that they click on your article (since you have been running an SEO campaign). From here, it is up to you whether you can convert the lead into a sale.

You Can Control Your Campaign

One of the best things about an SEO campaign is that you can control its pace. Short on money? You can reduce the amount that you spend. This is because most marketing organizations can build a plan that is suited to your budget. The reach will obviously be lower if you spend less, but you will have more flexibility.

Similarly, you can also increase the amount of money you spend to see better results. However, remember that improvements are only marginal beyond a certain point. If you are already seeing satisfactory results from your campaign, you should avoid spending more money on it.

The Results Will Last Beyond the Pandemic

Your SEO campaign will continue to show results even after the pandemic is over. Let’s face it, the internet is here to stay. Having an online presence with significant domain authority will continue to bring in more customers no matter what the situation of the outside world.

Of course, there is no reason to end your SEO campaign once the pandemic is over either. As long as you continue to improve your SEO, you will continue to see better results.

As a professional marketing organization, we almost always advise businesses to run an SEO campaign. We did this before the pandemic, and we will continue to do this after it as well.

Are There Any Tradeoffs of an SEO Campaign?

You may be wondering what the negatives of an SEO campaign are. After all, if all was as good as we say it is, everybody would be pumping money into SEO.

The only major disadvantage of an SEO campaign is the lead time before you see results. According to Forbes, it can take between 4 to 6 months until you start to see results from your SEO campaign.

This is one of the main reasons why business owners avoid SEO. They see subpar results and a low ROI during the first few weeks and call off the campaign. Make sure you don’t do this.

Another mistake that you must avoid is not doing a proper job with your SEO campaign. SEO is a lot more complicated than it seems. It combines link strategies, keyword research, off and on-page elements, and content marketing to create one cohesive strategy that brings in traffic to your website. If you are running your SEO campaign yourself, make sure you know what you are doing!

Consider Hiring a Professional SEO Firm

If you do not have the necessary knowledge and experience to run an SEO campaign, you should consider springing for a professional service.

Auguste Global specifically deals with marketing for cleaning businesses. We have a dedicated SEO service that will take over your entire SEO campaign. With consistent communication and an audit of your needs/budget, we will be able to devise a campaign that shows you the results that you want.

It is also possible that you are looking for something a bit more complete. If you would like to delegate the entire marketing arm of your cleaning business to a professional organization, you should take a look at Rocket Fuel.

For only $1997 a month (plus ad spend), you will no longer have to worry about getting new clients. Instead, all you will need to do is to provide them a valuable service that persuades them to come back.

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