Why Your Cleaning Business Needs a Facebook Group

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As a cleaning business owner, Facebook is by far the most important social media network for you. There is a reason why we have named it as one of the best marketing channels for cleaning businesses on this very blog.

However, we have only discussed Facebook ads and Facebook pages. A nifty little feature of Facebook is the ability to create groups. You may think that groups are mostly for individuals interested in a particular activity, but businesses can also find a lot of benefits in them.

Here, we will look at why you should consider creating a Facebook group, and how you can use that group to further the goals of your cleaning business.

Why Should You Create a Facebook Group?

A Facebook page is a great way to communicate your latest promotions and let your customers know what’s new in your world. When setting up your online presence, we recommend having a Facebook page as a must.

A group, on the other hand, is not a necessity. Most cleaning businesses do not create Facebook groups about their company. However, this means that you can get a huge head start on those companies if you create your group now.

Facebook Page vs. Facebook Group

In a page, you are the primary source of new content. In a group, it can be anyone. On top of that, a group is great for encouraging discussion among the members.

While your customers can post something on your page, it will not be visible on anyone else’s timeline. A group, on the other hand, will help encourage people to voice their opinions about your service.

For example, members will be able to ask each other for helpful tips (and you will be able to respond too). They will also be able to discuss which of your services they need to have a clean home.

Most importantly, you will be able to share promotions and directly answer any questions that members of the group may have about them. A group is perhaps best for getting existing customers to upgrade to a better package that can not only help you increase your profits but better serve their needs as well.

If you want more details on how a Facebook group and page compare, you can take a look at Eweev’s Facebook Page vs Group guide.

Who Should be in Your Cleaning Business’ Facebook Group?

Your Facebook group is more community-focused than customer-focused. As such, you should not be inviting people randomly into your group intending to turn them into customers.

Instead, your Facebook group should be used to encourage people to continue using your services. By providing a place for them to directly interact with you and others that use your service, you can use the group to turn one-time or occasional customers into lifetime ones. As we have previously explored, lifetime customers end up providing a lot more value and are the lifeblood of service-based businesses.

When Should You Create a Facebook Group?

Remember that the vast majority of the people in your group will be existing customers. As such, new businesses should avoid creating a group until they have a sufficient number of clients.

Remember that unless you can actively encourage discussion, your group will fail. There is no point in having a Facebook group in which it is only you that starts discussions. A page is better for that.

Carefully gauge whether you have enough people to start a group. If you don’t, it’s best to wait a few months instead of rushing it now.

How to Create a Facebook Group

As for the technical aspects of creating a group, Facebook has a very comprehensive guide that covers everything.

From a business perspective, you need to invite your previous clients to the group once you have created it. You can try to add from their e-mail addresses (if you have them). Or better yet, you can invite everyone who has liked your Facebook page to the group.

Also, remember to actively encourage your clients to become a part of your Facebook group when you speak to them. Let them know the benefits of this (promotions, discussions, an easy way to contact your company) and encourage them to discuss any cleaning related issue that they may have.

Make sure to moderate your group accordingly too. Prevent any spam messages and unrelated content, as it will only give people a reason to leave that group.

As an administrator, you will have the ability to pin any posts to the top of the group discussion. Use that space to your advantage by highlighting an important offer or the perks of availing your services.

Finally, Consider Delegating

If this seems too much for you to handle, then it might be better for you to delegate all of your Facebook marketing to a professional organization.

Auguste Global has years of experience marketing cleaning businesses, and our dedicated Facebook Marketing package can manage anything from your ad-campaign to your page and group. Click here to consult with us.

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